KotOR - Dawn of Defiance

The Traitor's Gambit

After a chance encounter on a space station with a desperate agent of Supreme Chancellor Cressa, the heroes negotiate with a local crime lord and obtain valuable cargo intended for the Chancellor. Once they deliver the cargo, the heroes learn that it is actually a droid who carries secret information for the Chancellor. Based on this information, the heroes are hired to fly to the planet Alaris Prime and discover the fate of a turncoat Content Not Found: valin-garth. If the Admiral still lives, they are to bring him back to Coruscant.

The heroes arrive to find Alaris Prime under tight Sith control. After a brief skirmish with some Sith starships in orbit, their ship makes a hard landing on Alaris Prime to avoid detection. The ship is damaged, though it can be repaired. Once they are prepared, the heroes venture out into Alaris Prime’s jungles in search of signs of civilization. After fighting their way through the local flora and fauna, they discover a hidden village of wookiees who have been exiled from their home world of Kashyyyk.

After spending the night to recuperate from their travel and after getting to know the locals, the heroes prepare to set off for the prison when a cry goes up in the village—a Sith trooper has just spotted the village and is headed back to alert the Empire! This leads into a chase in which the heroes ride kybucks in pursuit of the trooper. Once the trooper has been stopped, the heroes are to leave for the Sith base immediately so that they can rescue the Admiral and stop bringing danger to the hidden village.

The heroes set off for the Sith prison facility. It is heavily guarded from the outside, but they find a secret way in. Once inside the base, the heroes find it more lightly guarded. During the search for Admiral Garth, the heroes come across a communication from Sith Naval Command indicating that a Sith Lord is en route to Alaris Prime to take custody of the Admiral. The heroes fight their way through the facility and eventually find Admiral Garth in the detention block. They free him and head back to the secret entrance through which they came in.

Unfortunately, the heroes find trouble instead. Sith are gathering outside the facility. About this time, the heroes receive a message from their ship: Joni has completed repairs to their ship and can pick them up when they are ready. On their way to the roof, the heroes must deal with the cruel Sith student Vischera and his genetically modified bodyguards. Once they reach the roof, they board their ship and blast off from Alaris Prime.

The adventure concludes as the heroes bring Admiral Garth to the rendezvous point designated by Chancellor Cressa. There, the heroes are introduced to the Hammerhead-class cruiser [[The Testament|the Testament], which has been commissioned by Cressa to serve as a mobile hiding place for the Admiral. Aboard the Testament, Admiral Garth is debriefed and provides the heroes and Chancellor Cressa with information related to a top-secret Sith project named the Mind’s Eye.


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