KotOR - Dawn of Defiance

A Wretched Hive

At a briefing aboard the Resurgence, Admiral Varth explains that part of his responsibility in a secret Sith scheme known as the Mind's Eye Project was to arrange the covert exchange of resources through a Hutt crime lord on the planet Nar Shaddaa. Captain Verana orders the heroes to travel to Nar Shaddaa, make contact with Bakuush, the Hutt gangster, and discover what he’s trading with the Sith Empire.

First, the heroes ran into one of Bakuush’s underlings—a Devaronian named Warrick Raden—at a ruined warehouse. Unfortunately the heroes succumbed to the might of Raden's forces and they were taken to a hidden location in the city of Jiguna. Fortunately, the building is in fact Bakuush the Hutt’s palace, which the crime lord took over after its previous inhabitant (a high-ranking member of the Exchange) vanished, leaving it abandoned. The heroes enter the palace and are granted an audience with the Hutt. Bakuush has ordered them brought to him so that he can size them up, and he offers to let the heroes stay in his court for a few days, giving them a chance to impress him and gain his trust.

The heroes stay in the palace’s guest quarters. During the final night of their stay, all Force-sensitive characters begin to hear whispers, as though someone were trying to communicate with them telepathically, and they feel a tugging in the Force toward one of the other rooms. Following the whispers, they discover a secret set of chambers below the guest quarters. Inside is a comatose woman, older and gray with weathered features, who is hooked up to machinery that is keeping her unconscious. Once the heroes revive her, they discover that she is a former Jedi Master named Denia who has been kept comatose ever since she fell in battle during the Mandalorian Wars. Unfortunately, the heroes’ meddling hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Bakuush calls the palace guards, leaving the entire building in an uproar.

As the heroes fight their way back to the upper levels of Bakuush's palace, they quickly discover that the Hutt is living up to his species’ reputation for cowardice. Terrified at the prospect of having a Jedi loose in his palace, Darga flees to his space yacht and takes off for the planet Manaan. Though the Hutt leaves town in a hurry, his minions remain behind to try to finish off the intruders.

The Fell Star

Freed by the heroes from the Sith prison facility, Admiral Varth once again begins revealing valuable information on clandestine activities of the Sith Empire. In particular, he mentions that he was responsible for funneling money and resources to something called the “Mind's Eye Project.” Among those he sent funds to was a Hutt crime lord named Darga, who operates out of a ruined city on Nal Hutta.

Darga has lost one of his prized employees – A Balosar thief named Barin Trevina. Besides being a skilled crook, Barin also possessed valuable information regarding the whereabouts of The Fell Star, an artifact Darga sent Barin to retrieve. Not knowing whether or not Barin has gone into hiding, been kidnapped or killed. Barin is willing to pay good money to see him returned unharmed.

The heroes' investigation of Barin's disappearance takes them to several locations in Jigunna and eventually leads them off-world to the mysterious shadowport of Point Nadir. There, the heroes find out that the criminal organization, The Sable Dawn, is also interested in finding Barin. Fortunately, the heroes' succeed in getting to Barin first, and he leads them into the bowels of the Nadir mines where they find the Fell Star. Unfortunately, on their way back to the spaceport, an attack by the Sable Dawn spooks Barin into running off on his own to his employer on Nal Hutta.

The Traitor's Gambit

After a chance encounter on a space station with a desperate agent of Supreme Chancellor Cressa, the heroes negotiate with a local crime lord and obtain valuable cargo intended for the Chancellor. Once they deliver the cargo, the heroes learn that it is actually a droid who carries secret information for the Chancellor. Based on this information, the heroes are hired to fly to the planet Alaris Prime and discover the fate of a turncoat Content Not Found: valin-garth. If the Admiral still lives, they are to bring him back to Coruscant.

The heroes arrive to find Alaris Prime under tight Sith control. After a brief skirmish with some Sith starships in orbit, their ship makes a hard landing on Alaris Prime to avoid detection. The ship is damaged, though it can be repaired. Once they are prepared, the heroes venture out into Alaris Prime’s jungles in search of signs of civilization. After fighting their way through the local flora and fauna, they discover a hidden village of wookiees who have been exiled from their home world of Kashyyyk.

After spending the night to recuperate from their travel and after getting to know the locals, the heroes prepare to set off for the prison when a cry goes up in the village—a Sith trooper has just spotted the village and is headed back to alert the Empire! This leads into a chase in which the heroes ride kybucks in pursuit of the trooper. Once the trooper has been stopped, the heroes are to leave for the Sith base immediately so that they can rescue the Admiral and stop bringing danger to the hidden village.

The heroes set off for the Sith prison facility. It is heavily guarded from the outside, but they find a secret way in. Once inside the base, the heroes find it more lightly guarded. During the search for Admiral Garth, the heroes come across a communication from Sith Naval Command indicating that a Sith Lord is en route to Alaris Prime to take custody of the Admiral. The heroes fight their way through the facility and eventually find Admiral Garth in the detention block. They free him and head back to the secret entrance through which they came in.

Unfortunately, the heroes find trouble instead. Sith are gathering outside the facility. About this time, the heroes receive a message from their ship: Joni has completed repairs to their ship and can pick them up when they are ready. On their way to the roof, the heroes must deal with the cruel Sith student Vischera and his genetically modified bodyguards. Once they reach the roof, they board their ship and blast off from Alaris Prime.

The adventure concludes as the heroes bring Admiral Garth to the rendezvous point designated by Chancellor Cressa. There, the heroes are introduced to the Hammerhead-class cruiser [[The Testament|the Testament], which has been commissioned by Cressa to serve as a mobile hiding place for the Admiral. Aboard the Testament, Admiral Garth is debriefed and provides the heroes and Chancellor Cressa with information related to a top-secret Sith project named the Mind’s Eye.

Wreck, Ruin & Rendezvous

During the Mandalorian Wars, countless ships on both sides of the struggle were blown to pieces and left adrift in space. Larger ones were towed out of spacelanes to minimize danger to hyperspace travel, but every so often, an explorer or smuggler comes upon the wreckage. Often, the drifting hulk is too damaged to be useful as anything other than scrap, but sometimes the derelict proves to be a veritable treasure trove of salvageable goods.

One such derelict, a large chunk of the Diligence (a Republic Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship), was recently discovered by a smuggler named Vordell, who then sold the coordinates of his find to his old friend Sude Raala, a gunrunner and veteran of the Mandalorian Wars. Based on the scans that Vordell showed him, Raalo guessed that at least one hangar bay was more or less intact, and that amid the wreckage, he might find a remote processor – which could be worth as much as one million credits.

Raalo offered the salvage job to his men Dun Kilwe and DeBeg Basta. He ordered them to enter the hulk of the Diligence and recover any intact cargo crates and other reclaimable items they could safely salvage. He wanted them to be especially watchful for a crate marked "KH-05"; Raalo had a buyer who is interested in the contents of that crate. Everything else, the heroes were free to sell to whoever they wanted to. Raalo let the duo use his beat-up dynamic-class freighter for the salvage job. He suggested that they depart as soon as they could since Vordell might have sold the coordinates to someone else as well.

Even with the coordinates that Vordell supplied Sude, locating the Diligence required a bit of work. The Diligence was drifting and was some distance from where Vordell originally charted it. Once the heroes arrived at the given coordinates, they were able to detect the faint trail of debris the derelict left behind, which they used to find the Diligence's current position. After a short skirmish with a couple of other salvagers, the heroes notice that the wreckage of the Diligence is drifting towards the nearby system, surrounded by a "cloud" of debris.

The interior of the ship is an eerie sight. The power is out – including the artificial gravity – and a thin glaze of frost shows that what little atmosphere might have remained has long since frozen. In the light from their fusion torches, frayed cables hang loosely from the ceilings and walls, looking like jungle vines. Wreckage is scattered everywhere, with larger piles near the doors and airlocks. Amid the debris, they could make out parts of battle droids, starfighter parts, assorted cargo containers, and pieces of the ship's superstructure. Here and there, small bits of wreckage float aimlessly; otherwise nothing is moving.

From the darkness, little points of light appear – and begin moving. Battle droids – some with pieces missing – began climbing over the debris, working their way toward the heroes. Apparently, this derelict was not entirely powerless.

After the encounter with the droids, the heroes spend a few minutes looking around the contents of the hangar. Hidden among the piles of wreckage are a small number of cargo crates, 13 of which are salvageable, full of military weapons and ammunition. One crate, marked "KH-05", sits in the corner, separate from all the others. Also salvageable from the Republic derelict is a fully functional quad laser cannon, which miraculously survived the battleship's destruction. Dun, excited about the prospect of having a heavy-duty weapon for the starship, spent an hour removing it from its mountings, while DeBeg loaded the crates into their ship.

After the heroes depart the wreck of the Diligence, Raalo contacted them and provided them with coordinates to a member of the Exchange who was looking to purchase the crates of weapons they acquired during their salvage job. His name was Dal Baran. The rendezvous was to take place in Phinel's Folly in the Auril Sector. It was a short trip to the coordinates. When the heroes arrive, they detect Baran's ship in a small canyon. Baran signals the heroes and gives them the coordinates of the drop site – a warren of ravines a few kilometers from his ship. He tells the heroes of a good sized canyon to land in, about 500 meters west of the rendezvous site, and suggest that they leave their engines running, in case any Sith ships show up.

When the heroes reach the rendezvous site, Baran is waiting with two of his crew, Kollu and Trom, in the small gorge. Trom asks to operate one of the blaster rifles to prove that it works, and he fires four shots into the wall of the gorge, while Baran haggled. Meanwhile, the heroes hear a sound where there shouldn't be one. Glancing over, they spot the familiar chrome armor of a Sith trooper moving through the ravine toward the rendezvous spot. "Drop your weapons and put your hands over your heads! You're under arrest!" comes a voice soon after. The heroes were surrounded by Sith troopers. It’s a trap!

As soon as the Sith troopers arrive, Baran looks over at his crew and sees them smile. Trom shrugs and says, "Sorry – it was you or us." Baran had been betrayed by his own crew. They dove for cover and do their best to get to the relative safety of the cave, where they could hide behind the crates. Unexpectedly, however, after convincing the Sith to take out the turn-coat crewmembers, Dun and Dal decide to surrender and are taken aboard the Sith shuttle and are in transit to the Interdictor-class cruiser in low orbit around Phinel's Folly.

During the trip, Dal was able to bribe a handful of the Sith troopers into letting them go. They mutiny against the others and fight breaks out, during which all the Sith troopers, including the heroes' new allies as well as the officer and pilot die. However, the shuttle gets damaged during the trip. Dun takes the helm and lands the craft safely back on the surface of Phinel's Folly.

Once back on the surface, Baran and Dun have a bit of a falling out due to the fact that Dal decided to save a couple of blaster rifles instead of their equipment and the two part ways, unawares that their paths would cross in the not too distant future.


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