KotOR - Dawn of Defiance

Permanent Demotion

During the Jedi Civil War, the far-reaching Czerka Corporation supplied material to the Sith Empire. However, that didn't stop them from operating facilities throughout the Republic as well. Even though the corporation was morally ambiguous, employees occasionally failed to toe the company line.

Czerka 431 was one of the corporation's hidden research facilities on the fringes of known space. Unlike most Czerka facilities, the Sith military took direct control to assess the suitability of its work for the war effort and possible manufacture by the Star Forge. Joni Ree, a company scientist in charge of experimenting with juggernaut war droids, decided that she'd had enough of her new bosses. She arranged for the Republic to "discover" Czerka 431's location and coordinated their arrival with her escape attempt. The Sith, of course, were aware of her dislike of them, and they kept her locked up while she continued to work with the droids. They also assigned a formidable heavy assault droid to defend the facility and further discourage the scientist.

Joni used the juggernauts to blast her way out as the Republic forces enter the facility. The Republic rescue team denied the Sith a new weapon by helping her escape. The Sith, on the other hand, wanted very much to keep Joni working for them. However, they were under orders not to kill her under any circumstances, which hindered their efforts to prevent her escape.

Fallout continued from the incident at Czerka 431. After the Republic attack, both the Czerka Corporation and the Sith Empire held the facility's chief administrator responsible for 431's discovery by the Republic. The accusation was strongly supported by the administrator's willing departure with the escaping Republic forces. Republic command soon had the administrator helping them access secure data files at the ruins of Czerka Lab AB-343, which had been overrun by Republic forces early in the war.

Knowing that this could expose the depth of Czerka's agreement with the Sith Empire, neither the corporation nor the Sith could stand for this development. They determined that a Sith assassin had the best chance to infiltrate the facility and eliminate the administrator. Coincidentally, the ultrasecret and independent Genoharadan came to the same conclusion. They determined that it would best serve their political goals if the agreement between Czerka and the Sith Empire remained unknown to the Republic. They, too, sent an assassin to eliminate the administrator.


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