Arren Kae

Former Jedi Master


Arren Kae was a female Jedi Master, known for her part in training Revan. She joined her former apprentice in the Mandalorian Wars after her exile from the Jedi Order and was lost in the close of the conflict.


Arren Kae was one of the Masters that Revan held during his time as a Padawan. She was among the Masters blamed for the Jedi schism during the Mandalorian Wars, and for the Civil War that followed. When Kae was exiled, she was welcomed by Revan to join the Revanchists and fought the Mandalorians alongside him until the Battle of Malachor V. Arren was assumed to have died during the Mandalorian Wars at Malachor V even though no body was ever recovered.

Master Kae had two apprentices who followed her to the Mandalorian Wars, Duqua Dar and Acaadi.

Arren Kae

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